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We are happy to announce the remarkable results from a Sahlgrenska University Hospital study utilizing a daily regimen of ProBion Clinica tablets. Our goal is to verify, improve and further develop our probiotic product ProBion for diseases related to gut dysfunction, including colon cancer, and ultimately implement ProBion in general treatments of such conditions in the health sector.

ProBion Innovation Sweden Announces Colon Cancer Breakthrough: New Probiotic Treatment Markedly Reduces Cancer-Related Microbes

We have developed a unique and innovative formulation, a matrix, that efficiently protects the substance inside the tablet from the external environment. The matrix consists of microscopic pores where the interior material can be stored. ProBion is a probiotic product based on this matrix, shielding the interior bacteria from moisture and gastric juices in the gut. The sustainability of the bacteria is 10 times over the competitors; an advantage anticipated to result in a prolonged and more efficient effect for the patient.

The main idea is to verify the clinical use of ProBion in diseases related to gut dysfunction, including colon cancer, and to further develop our product based on our scientific findings.

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