Our Focus Areas

Inflammatory Diseases

Lonicera Innovation research is focused on developing a new approach directed towards prevention of disease, or on reversing early stages of disease. The intestinal microorganisms (the microbiota) have a profound influence on human health,


Type 2 Diabetes

The Lonicera approach on Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is based on the robust understanding of the benefits of probiotics in diabetes at the cellular level, in both animal studies and clinical trials, based on their excellent tolerability record.


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Clinical and Science Studies

The Smart Tablet Advantage

Our Company

LONICERA is a biotechnology research company with the distinct objective to link and highlight the effects of probiotics (beneficial non-pathogenic gut bacteria) to our most common disorders.

We perform both clinical and basic science studies regarding the effect of probiotics on various different diseases, such as colon cancer, metabolic diseases, celiac disease, infertility and irritable bowel syndrome. Our main center of research is located in Goteborg, Sweden.

We also collaborate with universities, hospitals and institutions around the world, such as the University of Katmandu, Nepal, a country where extreme poverty and a practically non-existent health care system are the norm. We believe that our research at LONICERA can greatly enhance the health and quality of life of these people.

Our Technology

In order to sustain a high yield of viable probiotic bacteria in the intestine, we require that the vehicle used to introduce them in the gut is as resistant as possible to gastric juices and bile acids. In addition, employing an accurate gut navigation delivery system, carrying High Quality - High Viability probiotics loads and precise Time Triggered Targeting efficacy are paramount requirements for effective reliable results in achieving our objectives.

The number and amount of viable bacteria is supervised using Flow Cytometric analysis. This method is direct and enables us to better monitor the dose-response outcome. We use the unique patented formulation of the LONICERA tablet Matrix to ensure these features in every step of our studies. Its sustained storage viability together with its slow-release profile is absolutely unique to the LONICERA Matrix.